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Hello friend !

I’m Amber with Boho Pretty.  I’ve been in the boutique industry for twenty years and created Boho Pretty Boutique in 2013.  It’s been a long time goal for us to create a blog, as  an extension of our boutique, so that we can curate even more collections for you and connect with our community on a deeper level.  Follow along as we share some of our favorite products, great deals, fashion + home, and more than likely a whole lot of daily chaos.  


February 17, 2022

Kind Of New Year, New Goals

Hey Pretty! I’m not sure how we’ve already blown through January, not to mention half   of February. For me personally, I’m pretty sure it has something to do with how sick I was with covid and then bronchitis, lots of sleeping, a few panic attacks, some Netflix binges, and all sprinkled with more e-learning days

January 18, 2022

Step Into Your Power

When deciding that we wanted to give our little blog a glow up, we knew one thing was certain,  it  needs to be a positive and safe place.  We’ve always been committed to making  Boho Pretty a positive, inclusive, loving community and we wanted this to be an extension of that.  Not only do we