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Hello friend!

I’m Amber, with Boho Pretty.  I’ve been in the boutique industry for twenty years and created Boho Pretty Boutique in 2013.  It’s been a long time goal for us to create a blog, as an extension of our boutique, so that we can curate even more collections for you and connect with our community on a deeper level.  Follow along as we share some of our favorite products,  fashion + home, great deals, and more than likely a whole lot of daily chaos.  

More about me…

Outside of Boho Pretty, I’m a boy mom to Hudson (9) and Cooper (7) as well as to all of our pretend farm animals (aka two golden retrievers, two outdoor cats, and two bunnies).  I have the most amazing and supportive husband, Matt, who is (along with my mom) my biggest cheerleader and I most certainly could not live out this crazy dream without him cheering me on.  My happy place is making memories with my husband and kids at the lake. 

Most days, I really feel like I’m failing and just trying to survive (not sure if there are any other mom’s out there who can relate).  My house is usually unorganized (please don’t look in my car) and my kids go to school with socks that don’t match, most days.  I realized that I desperately needed to make my word of the year “Self Care”  and start  focusing on me a little more. I plan to carve out extra time for my health, God, and family.  I’m looking  forward to doing more of what makes me happy and cutting out some of the extra noise in my life.  

So, here we are.  Adding a blog to my plate in hopes that it can be the creative outlet I need + provide a positive space for other women.  Nikki and I sincerely hope that we can curate collections that will make your closet and home happy.  We’ll also do our best to bring you hot sales that will make your hubby happy, wink wink.  

Nikki, Boho Pretty, Team, About Us, Fashion, Blog, Style, Fashion Over 40Meet Nikki! She’s my sidekick and partner in crime.  When she’s not helping me dream  up new ideas for Boho Pretty, she can be found at sporting events, cheering on her son, or visiting her oldest in Bloomington.  During the summer, you better believe you can find her at the lake!

Don’t let her sharp ninja-like organizational skills fool you, she’s actually a big softy with one of the biggest hearts that I know! She has a knack for home design and when she’s not putting together looks for your closet,  she’s busy curating chic home spaces + must have items to help get your home organized.

We have about 101 things in common, but the top five would have to be…

  1. Good God Talks on the Treadmill
  2. Boy Moms 
  3. Love For Shopping 
  4. Lake Life
  5. A Good Martini