Walmart is kicking off their Black Friday Deals and they have something for everyone on your list…including yourself.  From robot sweepers to swanky coffee pots, savings are here.  Get a jump start on your holiday shopping with these great deals.

Whether you’re a creative junkie, adventurer, or a homebody (like me) who loves to chill, these items will add a little extra zest and enrichment to your life.


With two Golden Retrievers, I am constantly trying to find new ways to keep the house free from dog hair.  While, it’s almost next to impossible, running our iRobot Roomba daily certainly does help to keep a handle on things.  I don’t think I could even live without it at this point.  I also now have my eye on this Shark (I always love our Shark products) Cordless Pet Vacuum. Another item we can’t seem to live without is our Wet/Dry Vacuum.  I don’t have this specific brand, but at $39 this great deal was worth mentioning!


We’re a family that loves a family game night and these are a few of our favorites, starting at $6. They make great for a night of affordable  entertainment (just add popcorn and candy) and are also great gifts.  When our boys were toddlers we had a bounce house like the one below and they loved it.  You can even put it up inside on a cold day and keep them buys for hours.