Beachy meets Boho,  just my style. When my good friend Jami, with The Mom Abroad In Belize, announced the news that they were buying a home in Belize and asked me if I could come up with some Beachy Boho home decor inspiration, I just about dropped everything else to focus on this fun project! Beachy Boho is my love language and curating home inspo is my dream. I could get lost for days in this one. I went with more of a boho modern beach feel with lots of neutrals, black and whites, baskets, wooden beads, and plants to bring in an earthy element. I created a different inspiration board for each living space of the house and also included one board that brought in more of a bright colored bohemian palette.

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Being a boho + beach girl at heart, I had a hard time narrowing down favorites because I could seriously redo my entire house and drop each of these items in it.  I especially love this sun and mountains wall art and macrame pillows and table runner.  

Shop each item here.  1.     2.     3.     4.     5.     6.     7.     8.     9. 

I went with beachy yet minimal for the Master Bedroom.  I may be picking up that beaded chandelier for my own home! 

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How sweet is this girl’s room?  I don’t have a girl, but I am myself, a girly-girl, and feel like I need my own girl cave or she-shed with all of this cuteness.  Or, just give me the pink Volkswagen bus out of that picture to live in.  

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Shop each item here.  1.     2.     3.     4.     5.     6.     7.      8.  

Being a boy mom, this room was fun.  So much fun, that I am probably going to choose all of this beachy boho decor for one of our boy’s bedrooms! Both of my boys love the water, but Cooper can get lost for hours playing on his little boogie board and loves sharks and whales so I’m  thinking he would absolutely love this room redo.  

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The area that you would find me the most! I love living outdoors as much as possible.  I was extra excited to find that cute little tic-tac-toe game set.  We went on vacation to Tennessee last fall and the cabin that we rented had a big set on the deck.  Matt and the boy’s played it every single evening.  I’ve been on the hunt for one like this that we can have on our patio.  So naturally, I had to include it for inspo since Jami’s new home will also be listed as a vacation rental.  Don’t forget to go follow her and subscribe to her blog to stay connected and follow along on her fun, exciting, and dream-worthy adventure! Who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself visiting  Belize before you know it! 

PS can I just add how crazy proud I am of Jami for chasing her dreams, even when it seems untraditional to the rest of the world?! This is your friendly reminder that you can never dream too big, Pretties!  If you’ve been busy living your dreams (big or small), make sure to share them with us!  We love to feature women in our online community who inspire us! 

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A little extra inspo to add some bohemian pops of color.  I am loving coral and blue right now and it’s very fitting for the beachy boho vibe.  I personally own the full length mirror and I’m going to be adding that beaded candle lantern to my cart.  

Have a fun project (home or personal style)  that you’re working on? Get in touch with me! I’m happy to pull together some inspiration for you! 



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